Inman: Tim Heyl on disrupting real estate and empowering agents with Homeward

October 5, 2020
January 24, 2022

Homeward is here to solve the homebuying dilemma for agents and customers. Since forever, most homeowners have had to sell their home first, then rush to find a new home before the old home sale closes. Playing the timing game is stressful and forces you to settle for a home you may not love, pay more than you want, or move into a rental property while you keep searching for the right home.

Tim Heyl, CEO and founder at Homeward, recognized this problem in 2009, as a real estate broker:

“I think the biggest opportunity for teams right now is finding an offering that solves a pain point for the customer that they have before they get into a transaction, to create a unique value proposition and stand out from the crowd. There’s a couple of ways to do that. One way is to partner with some of these disruptive companies. A lot of our agents are utilizing ibuyers to bring those offers to their listing appointments, so they can walk in the door with a cash offer and partner with the disruption and be a distributor of it.” Inman article (Connect the Speakers: Tim Heyl on why focusing on sellers can be a huge team opportunity)

Fast-forward two years, Tim founded Homeward to better solve the homebuying pain point by enabling agents to help their clients buy before they sell, with a pure cash offer. In early 2020, investors agreed that Homeward could revolutionize the real estate market:

“Homeward, a real estate technology startup founded by a Keller Williams team leader, raised $20 million in equity funding and $80 million in debt. Its founder Tim Heyl told Inman the money will go towards servicing more clients and keeping agent partnerships.” Inman article (Homeward raises $20M in equity, $85M in debt funding)

Tim elaborated on what this fundraise truly means to Homeward: 

“For us, this is about putting the agent back at the center of the real estate transaction innovation,” Heyl added. “It’s something that’s very close to home for me and a mission I’m really excited about personally.”

The timing of the series raise is also important. “That Homeward was able to close a funding round during a global pandemic — the round technically closed about two weeks ago — is a testament to how well the company has been doing and how well the model can thrive in an era of social distancing, according to Heyl.”

With the recent fundraise and growth of the Homeward team we’re actively empowering agents and homebuyers.

Homeward enables homebuyers to:

  • Win in a competitive market with Homeward’s pure-cash offers. Cash offers are 3x more likely to beat out financed offers.
  • Buy with certainty. Homeward’s funds give buyers the peace of mind that their dream house won’t pass them by if their current home hasn’t sold.
  • Move on their own timeline. Buyers move into their new home right away or do renovations first. Then, they sell their existing house.
  • Use their trusted agent. With Homeward, buyers continue to work with their trusted, local real-estate agent.

Homeward empowers agents to:

  • Win more offers. Homeward’s pure-cash offers are guaranteed and there’s no financing or home sale contingencies.
  • Attract new customers. Agents can set themselves apart by providing a real solution to a common problem their clients face.
  • Earn full commission. Both seller and buyer commissions are protected with no extra work or out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Turn prospects into transactions. Homeward offers the bridge some clients need to secure a new home while feeling confident their current home will sell.

At Homeward, we’re here to help agents and buyers experience and a calmer, more convenient home buying process. 

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