What does it mean to be a closer?

October 22, 2021

To celebrate Inman Connect Las Vegas 2021 and the power of a Homeward Cash Offer, we’re sponsoring a giveaway. Tell us what being a closer means to you for a chance to win a Closer’s Kit with an iPhone 13, AirPods Pro, and an Apple Watch Series 7. To kick things off, we asked our Partner Leads, who are all licensed real estate agents, to tell us what being a closer means to them. For giveaway details visit this page

Blake Outlaw, Partner Lead

19 years in real estate

"To me “closing” is serving people so well in the journey of understanding their needs that when you offer a solution and they accept it, you can celebrate having played a role in making their life better. And a closer does this often and with confidence!"

Brian Gubernick, Chief Real Estate Officer

15 years in real estate

"There are three types of sales agents in the game today: Those that make it happen, those that talk about it happening, and those who wonder what happens. Closers make it happen."

Janice Schettler, Partner Lead

12 years in real estate

"I entered real estate because after moving 18 times in 21 years with three little kids, I understood the complexity and emotions that come with buying and selling. And all of those moves motivated me to want to help people. To me, being a closer means being that calming presence that guides clients through this extremely stressful event. A lot of times, you start with your buyers and sellers being strangers and end the transaction as being friends."

Julie Youngblood, Partner Lead

21 years in real estate

"To me, being a closer means caring enough to ask the tough questions to get to the core of the client’s motivation. It means helping your people make the best decision for themselves — even if that means not doing a deal. It means "taking the order" when you're at the table and getting the paperwork signed when it's the best thing for your clients! It's coming alongside your fellow agent in a transaction and, instead of inserting your ego, getting on the same team and working together to help clients reach their goal. Being a closer means you love this business and you've made it your priority — you're obsessed with becoming a better version of yourself every day for the people you serve, which allows you to serve more people."

John Fountain, Partner Lead

22 years in real estate

"Closing is about being a problem solver and having the right tools in your toolbelt to help clients make it to the closing table smoothly and successfully!"

John Shults, Partner Lead

7 years in real estate

"A closer closes at every step of the process so that all parties know they made the best possible decisions for themselves."

Maria Rincon, Partner Lead

7 years in real estate

"A closer is a leader who guides all parties in the transaction toward a common goal."

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