a better kind of real
estate experience

from the front door of your old home to the front door of your new one

our mission is to make the entire moving process more convenient

we believe moving should be easier so we redesigned the process around you

As a 10 year real estate veteran, our founder tim heyl sat in the living rooms of thousands of frustrated homeowners who all shared the same obstacles around making a move. He saw a fragmented real estate industry with too many flaws, too many steps, and not enough certainty. He recognized a clear problem when his well-qualified buyers couldn’t get a mortgage until they sold the home they were in. Really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. At homeward, we believe people should be able to move from the home they are in to the one they want, hassle free and without breaking the bank. We call it the homeward way.

We offer a modern process that replaces contingencies with guarantees, commissions with rebates, and a lot of confusion with clear and simple answers. Because when we do our part, you get a faster, safer, better home buying experience.

meet the team

tim, CEO & Founder
matt, Brokerage
jeremy, Finance
ivan, Technology
kelley, Marketing
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They made every single part of our family’s first home buying experience extremely simple.

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