We’ve redesigned the home buying experience

The traditional way of buying a home needed an upgrade

Since forever, most homeowners have had to sell their home first, then rush to find a new home before the old home sale closes. Playing the timing game is stressful and forces you to settle for a home you may not love, pay more than you want, or move into a rental property while you keep searching for the right home.

We built Homeward to stop the madness by designing a calmer, more convenient way to buy a home.

We reorganized the buying process so you can take all the time you need to find your ideal next home. Then, you use our funds to make a competitive, all-cash offer to secure it, and sell your old home for full market value.

Our Story

“In 2009, I started helping people buy homes the traditional way. As a real estate agent, I kept running into the same problem: buyers couldn’t make an offer on the home they wanted until they sold their existing home first. They needed their home equity to qualify for a new mortgage. They were stressed they would lose their dream home because their offer was contingent on the sale of their old home, or they would have to go through the headache of moving twice if their old home sold before they found their new one.”

“Buying a new home should be fun and exciting, but the broken process made my home buyers anxious. They felt rushed to make decisions and didn’t always end up with the best outcome.”

“After 10 years of seeing this over and over, I decided to take action on behalf of these frustrated buyers and completely redesign the home buying process to make it easier, calmer, and more certain.”


Tim Heyl

CEO and Founder of Homeward

The Homeward Way

The Homeward Way lets you to take your time, find your ideal home, and make a competitive all-cash offer - all before you list and sell your current home.

Our new approach is gaining popularity, and helping us grow quickly and serve customers across multiple states. It’s time to ditch the old way of buying a home for a more relaxing, enjoyable home buying experience.

Come join us in this journey to make your own home buying experience the fun and meaningful life milestone it deserves to be.

The Homeward team

Our team of real-estate experts, designers and engineers care about your home buying journey and want to make it as stress-free as possible.

We’re committed to helping you find and purchase the home you love without all the hassles of the traditional buying process, and we’re excited to be rolling out the Homeward Way nationwide.

Tim - CEO and Founder


CEO and Founder

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