Don't get caught in the timing trap

Alexandra was ready to buy her next home. But what should have been an exciting experience soon became stressful. "We knew that in this neighborhood, houses normally sell in 30 days or less," she explains. "So we knew we could sell our house. And then what if we couldn't find another house we really liked?"

The traditional list-buy transaction, Alexandra feared, would mean they'd end up moving twice, living in temporary housing, and making a big decision under pressure.

"We wanted to reverse the process," remembers Alexandra, explaining that in a perfect world, they'd be able to buy their new home before they sold their old home. But she didn't have the money to buy without selling. "We heard about Homeward and it seemed like something that was too good to be true." Luckily, for her, our Buy before you sell service is very real.

Cash is queen

Once we approved her to become a cash buyer, Alexandra had the confidence of a non-contingent offer and the ability to make an offer before she cashed out the equity in her old home. "So," she says, "we were able to convince a seller that’s not yet on the market to not go on the market and just sell to us now.”

Cash gave Alexandra the ability to buy her dream home on her terms and her timeline. "We're not picking a house based on the timing," she says. "We're picking a house based on the house."

No worst case scenario

Because we offered her a Floor Price for her old home, Alexandra says there was "no worst case scenario" to worry about. She knew she'd sell her old home no matter what. "The Floor Price guarantee is just sort of this pressure valve that takes off the level of stress of absorbing the downside of what could happen," she explains.  

We gave Alexandra the confidence to buy her next home before she sold without the stress of having to ask "What if . . . ? " over and over.

Just one move

Alexandra was right to be nervous about the list-buy process: her old home sold in just four days. In a traditional transaction, she would have had to rush to find a new home and move out. But since she used a Homeward Offer, she was already living in and enjoying her new home before her old home sold.

So there was no rushing to find a new home, no double move, no temporary housing, no time at the in-laws — just a calmer, more convenient homebuying experience.

Buy first. Then sell.

Until now, you had to sell your old home before you could buy a new one.
Today, you've got a better option.
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