A more convenient process

Alexandra used Homeward's funds to secure her next home before listing her existing one so she only had to move once.

Her story

Alexandra knew her home was in a competitive market where homes sold in 30 days or less. Selling her home first, and then trying to secure her next one, was really risky.

"We started looking but something that kept being a block to us was the idea that we’d have to sell this house."

"We knew that in this neighborhood, houses normally sell in 30 days or less and so we could sell our house, and then what if we couldn't find another house we really liked?"

"We wanted to reverse the process."

This is where Homeward came in.

Alexandra could use our funds to make a cash offer as soon as she found her ideal home. She could make the offer before putting her current home on the market.

In addition, Homeward's floor price guarantee meant that Alexandra knew exactly what the downside would be if her property didn’t sell as quickly as she anticipated

"We heard about Homeward and it seemed like something that was too good to be true.

The floor price guarantee is something that takes the stress off the downside of what could happen.

They also provided a cash offer that made us more competitive, so we were able to convince a seller that’s not yet on the market to not go on the market and just sell to us now.”

We're not picking a house based on the timing. We're picking a house based on the house.

Homeward gives you the confidence to buy your next home without the stress of 'what if'.

"You have to have in the back of your mind, what is the worst case scenario if you don't get to a place or an agreement which is good for everybody."

With Homeward’s floor price guarantee, Alexandra knew that we would buy her existing property from her at a pre-agreed price if she needed us to. So she could go shop for her next home knowing that she’d be making a competitive all cash offer and that she’d be able to sell her existing home no matter what.

1 move

Moving into her new home before hers completed saved her from having to move twice.

6 days

Time it took to go from initial application to being approved to use our funds.

4 days

Days it took for her to sell her existing property on the open market.

How did Homeward help them?

Allowed her to move on her timeline

Alexandra was able to move once, rather than moving into a rental while searching for her next home. This allowed her to take her time and find her ideal next home, instead of rushing the process and ending up in a place she wasn’t happy with.

Made her new home purchase a certainty

Homeward gave Alexandra a floor price so if her existing property didn’t sell on the open market, Homeward would buy it. This gave her the peace of mind to move with 100% confidence.

Enabled her to make a competitive all-cash offer

By using Homeward’s funds, Alexandra was able to make a cash offer and secure her dream home before it even went on the market.

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