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Griffin & Katherine used Homeward's funds to purchase their dream home with cash, removing their home sale contingency and guaranteeing their close.

Their story

Griffin & Katherine were looking to buy their next home in a competitive Austin neighborhood, so when their dream home came on the market, they had to move fast.

"We looked at a bunch of homes, but when this one came up on the MLS I contacted our realtor and said we absolutely have to go see this."

"When I walked in, I saw the view through the windows and the natural light and I was like, I love it."

They made an offer but the owner rejected it, saying they weren't accepting contingent bids. That's when they turned to Homeward for help.

"Homeward offered us an incredibly convenient and flexible way to buy the home. Homeward was able to help us secure the home without a contingent offer."

A guaranteed sale, and peace of mind

In addition to securing their new home, Homeward also guaranteed the sale of Griffin & Katherine's current home by offering them a floor price for it. This ensured they could take their time selling it for it's full market value, and if they weren't able to, Homeward would step in and buy it.

"Going from selling our old home, to buying a home twice as much as our old home just felt really risky and so Homeward acted like an insurance and guarantee for us."

"Even if we didn’t sell our old home within a certain amount of time, they would buy it from us, and that gave us peace of mind and being able to make this very big purchase.

$35,000 more cash

The additional cash they received for their existing home above the "trade-in" price others were offering

2 offers beaten

Number of offers the seller considered before accepting theirs.

39 days

The time they leased their new home from Homeward for, before they closed the sale of their existing home and got their mortgage.

How did Homeward help them?

Removed the home sale and financing contingencies from their offer

Griffin & Katherine were pre-approved to make an all-cash offer with Homeward’s funds. This removed the home sale and financing contingency from their offer so they could beat out two other bidders and secure their new home.

Guaranteed the sale of their existing home, so they could earn full market value

Homeward offered them a floor price on their existing home so they knew it would sell no matter what. This gave them the peace of mind to take their time marketing their property, because they knew Homeward would step in and buy it if needed.

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