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Don't leave equity on the table or lose a home you love

Griffin and Katherine were shopping for a new home in a competitive neighborhood in Austin, TX, one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. So, when their dream home came on the market, they knew they had to move fast.

"We looked at a bunch of homes, but when this one came up on the MLS, I contacted our realtor and said we absolutely have to go see this," says Katherine.

The good news was that they loved the house. It offered an incredible view and lots of natural light. The bad news was that they hadn't sold their old home yet. "We were comfortable putting down a contingent offer," says Katherine. But the sellers weren't comfortable accepting one. So Griffin and Katherine turned to Homeward for help.

Convenience and flexibility

"Homeward offered us an incredibly convenient and flexible way to buy a home," explains Griffin. After getting approved to use Homeward's Buy before you sell service, the couple as able to remove the home sale and financing contingencies from their offer. When the sellers received multiple offers, the cash offer from Griffin and Katherine stood out — and won.

A sure sell

In addition to helping them buy their new home with cash, we guaranteed Griffin and Katherine that if they couldn't sell their old home withing six months, we'd buy it for them.

They bought their new home for twice as much as they were selling their old home. According to Katherine, that felt risky until they partnered with us. "Homeward acted like an insurance and guarantee for us," she explains. "If we didn’t sell our old home within a certain amount of time, they would buy it from us, and that gave us peace of mind and [helped us] make this very big purchase."

Even more equity

Before deciding to work with Homeward, Griffin and Katherine spoke with another company that offered them $35,000 less than what the couple ended up selling their home for. Using Buy before you sell empowered the couple to optimize their equity rather than selling for less first and then buying.

Don't leave equity on the table, move to temporary housing, pay two mortgages or — worst of all — miss out on a home you love. Buy before you sell instead.

Buy first. Then sell.

Until now, you had to sell your old home before you could buy a new one.
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