how to remove contingencies from home offer

How to Remove Contingencies from Your Home Offer

Buying a Home Is Stressful Enough Without Contingencies When you’re ready to purchase a new home, you often don’t think about all of the negotiations, red tape, and competition you might be facing. Will you offer full asking price? Can you remove contingencies from your offer? Will your existing home be sold in time? It…

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home to sell

Want to Move Quickly? How Long Will Your House Take to Sell?

The Magic Number Ah, to have a crystal ball. Every homeowner hopes to sell their home quickly so they can move on to the next, but there’s a huge unknown in the picture: how long will it take to sell your house? One of the most frequently asked questions a real estate agent receives is…

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make cash offer

Making a Cash Offer on a Home: Everything You Need to Know

Ready to buy? Congratulations! You found a home you want to buy and are ready to make your offer. Before you put your hat into the ring, be sure to make your offer one that can’t be refused. Keep in mind, your offer may not be the only one the seller receives. Your offer must…

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buy sell home

Considerations for Buying a Home in a Buyer’s or Seller’s Market

A Buyer’s Market A buyer’s market is defined as a situation in which supply exceeds demand, giving purchasers an advantage over sellers in price negotiations. When it comes to the real estate market, a buyer’s market means there are more available homes on the market and fewer active buyers, potentially forcing sellers to lower their…

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bridge loan 101

What is a Bridge Loan, and Can it Work For Your Home Purchase?

When homebuying funds are tied up in your current home, it can be difficult to feel free to search for your dream home. How will you find the cash for a down payment? How will your offer compete with others in your area? And what are your options as you watch ideal home after ideal…

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making an offer

How to Make an Offer on A House

3 Pieces of Advice When Making an Offer on A House Buying a home is an exciting milestone, an investment, and often, a major stressor. The fun part is looking for a new home. The stress comes in when you are ready to make an offer. How much do you offer? What terms do you…

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bike clock

The Best Time to Buy a Home

When Should You Buy? There’s a common question amongst potential home buyers: when is the best time to buy a home? The inevitable response from most is that spring is when the inventory is at its peak, giving buyers more options, and winter is when prices are somewhat lower, allowing buyers to get a discount.…

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move fast

What Are Your Options If You Want to Move into A New Home Fast?

So, you want to move into a new home quickly but have to sell your existing home first? You’re in the same predicament as 43 percent of homeowners looking to move. It’s one of the reasons the home selling/buying process is considered one of life’s biggest stressors. There’s so much pressure to sell before you…

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buy home with no down payment

How to Buy a New Home with No Down Payment

Types of Mortgage Loans Buying a new home before you’ve sold your current home may be out of the question if you can’t come up with the required down payment. Forking over the typical 20 percent down payment can be cost-prohibitive for many home buyers, particularly if you’re already paying a mortgage on your existing…

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