Offset costs with a cash offer

Misty & John got a $30,000 discount on their new home by making a Homeward all-cash offer.

Their story

Like many homeowners, Misty & John were shopping in a highly competitive market where contingent offers usually lose . Homeward removed their financing and home sale contingencies so they could make an all-cash offer and win.

"We went in with Homeward, we made an all cash offer. We were able to negotiate almost $30,000 off the list price based on the fact that it was a cash offer with no contingencies. That was a huge advantage for us personally."

Homeward gave Misty & John assurance that their existing home would sell by offering them a guaranteed floor price. If they were unable to sell for any reason, Homeward would step in and buy it.

In return for the all-cash offer and guaranteed floor price, Homeward charges a one-time convenience fee.

"The cost of Homeward for us was 1.9% of closing costs. Being able to go in, knowing we were making a cash offer in a competitive environment - getting the house we were looking for - knowing we had the certainty of selling our house if it didn’t sell...There’s no question that the benefits and expenses of Homeward were absolutely worth it in our situation."

The amount they negotiated off the list price from making an all-cash offer.


The one-time convenience fee Homeward charged.


The net amount they saved by having access to Homeward's funds.

How did Homeward help them?

Enabled them to make a competitive all-cash offer

By using Homeward's funds, they were able to make an all-cash offer and win. The owner had already rejected several contingent offers.

Saved them $30,000 on their new home

Misty & John negotiated $30,000 off the list price, more than covering the 1.9% convenience fee Homeward charged.

Made their new home purchase a certainty

Homeward gave Misty & John a floor price so if their existing property didn't sell on the open market, Homeward would buy it. This gave them the peace of mind to make an offer on their next home with 100% confidence.

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