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for as low as 1.4%

You won't pay until you close and you can finance our fee using your mortgage.

convenience fee*

Homeward charges a convenience fee on your new home's purchase price.

*The 1.4% applies if you use Homeward Mortgage. Then we'll apply a discount on your new home’s purchase price resulting in an effective fee of only 1.4%. Without the discount, our fee is 1.9% in Texas and Colorado, and 2.4% in Georgia. For properties below $300k in Georgia, an additional fee applies.

  • This fee gives you access to our funds to make a competitive, all-cash offer.
  • Cash offers are 3x more likely to win bids compared to mortgage-contingent offers.
  • Cash offers close on your timeline, in as little as 2 - 3 weeks. Compare that to 30 - 45 days for a mortgage contingent offer.

To get your convenience fee quote, start an application or give us a call at 512-956-5087.

No upfront costs
Just pay rent at close

After we purchase your new home, you’ll rent it back from us until you sell your old home.

Rent payments aren’t due until you buy your new home back, and you can either use your home equity to pay it, or finance it with your mortgage.

  • Only make rental payments for the exact days you need.
  • Our customers take an average of 45 days to sell their existing home, so rent payments are usually minimal.
  • Our rental rates are strictly a pass through of the costs we incur to hold your new home. We don't mark up rent, and you’ll know your  rental rate before you make an offer.

To get your rental rate, give us a call at 512-956-5087 .

No duplicate costs

You'll pay standard closing costs just as you would in any traditional home purchase and we’ll cover any duplicate fees that occur when you repurchase the house from us.

Pricing FAQ

How much does it cost?

A low convenience fee plus rent.

Homeward convenience fee:
This fee is a percentage of your new home’s purchase price, and is paid when you buy your new home back from us. The fee varies slightly by state.

Texas and Colorado convenience fee
With Homeward Mortgage discount: 1.4%
Without Homeward Mortgage discount: 1.9%

Georgia convenience fee*
With Homeward Mortgage discount: 1.4%
Without Homeward Mortgage discount: 2.4%

*For homes between $250k - $300k in Georgia, an additional fee of 0.5% applies. So for homes in this price range, the convenience fee is 1.9% with the Homeward Mortgage discount, and 2.9% without it. We don’t yet purchase homes under $250k in Georgia.

Rent: You'll accrue rent on your new home until you buy it back from Homeward. This is paid at closing, and is our cost of holding the property. We don't mark it up in any way. To calculate your rent, we'll need details about the home you're looking to buy. Just start an application or give us a call at 512-956-5087.

When do I pay?

There are no upfront costs for using Homeward. Your convenience fee and rent will be paid when you repurchase your new home from us.

What happens if I sell my home and am able to secure my own funds by Homeward’s close date?

If you don’t end up requiring Homeward’s cash to close on the purchase, then your convenience fee will be reduced to only 1%.

This isn't common, but it can occur if you sell your home faster than expected and either use your home equity funds, or a new mortgage, to purchase the home.

What are the closing costs?

The closing costs you pay in a Homeward transaction are the same as in a traditional home purchase transaction. Homeward covers any duplicate closing costs.

Are there any duplicate costs since there are two transactions?

There are two transactions involved: Homeward pays cash for the property and then you buy the property from Homeward. That said, Homeward covers the burden of duplicate costs so that you don’t have to.

How is the daily rental rate determined?

Our rental rate covers our costs to hold the property until you buy it back from us. We never mark this up, and it's prorated daily so you only pay for the exact days we hold the property for you.

Is there a markup when you sell the house back to me?

No, there is no markup, but you will need to pay your Homeward convenience fee and all rent payments when you repurchase the home from us.

Do you charge any hidden fees?

No. Homeward only charges a convenience fee paid at closing and any daily prorated rental payments that incur while you rent your next home from Homeward.

Do you require a security deposit when I’m renting the new property?

Most Homeward customers do not need to pay a security deposit based on their qualifying assets. To find out whether you will need to pay a security deposit, start an application or give us a call at 512-956-5087.

When do you collect the rent payments?

When you buy the home back from Homeward.

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