Buy the home you want before you sell. Learn how.

The Homeward Way

Homeward is the calmer, more convenient way to buy your next home. Our process starts with securing your new home before going through the hassle of listing your existing one. Here’s how it works.

1. Get approved

Apply in under 10 minutes so you can take your time finding the ideal home that fits your budget.

2. Shop for your next home

Take your time to find your perfect next home without having the hassle of listing your existing one first.

“We only wanted to move if the right home popped up, and Homeward gave us the power to jump when it did.”
Mike and Amanda Malet
Homeward customer
3. Make an all-cash offer

Make an all cash offer with Homeward's funds to secure your next home. Cash offers are 2x more likely to beat out financed offers and can command 2-5% discounts from the seller.

“In our neighborhood, houses sell quickly. Homeward gave us the flexibility to move before we even listed.”
Alexandra Doggett
Homeward customer
4. List your existing home

Now that you’ve secured your next home, list your existing home when you’re ready.

If it doesn’t sell, we’ll buy it from you at a pre-agreed, fair market price.

5. Rent your new home from us

Enjoy your new home by renting it from Homeward for up to 6 months. Once you sell your existing home, just get your mortgage and end the rental.

“We were able to get the home we wanted at a great deal and were able to renovate before we moved in thanks to Homeward's offering. This is a phenomenal service. Thank you Homeward!”
Andrew D
Homeward customer
6. Get a mortgage and close on your new home

As soon as your old home sells, buy your new one back from us at the original price, plus a small convenience fee.

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Get approved on your timeline

With Homeward, the home buying process starts with a quick approval. Simply enter basic information and we'll get your application started to keep you moving on your schedule.

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