Homeward update regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

May 5, 2020
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CEO and Founder

To our customers and agent partners,

I'm pleased to announce that we're writing new Homeward Offers in Texas and Colorado again. We’ve seen some stability return to these housing markets and are seeing more home sales close every week. We’re also working hard to restart offers in Georgia and continue to monitor this state’s housing market.

We’ve also updated our pricing and approval process so we can better protect our customers and capital partners in this volatile environment. Details can be found in our pricing page and FAQ, or just give us a call at 512-956-5087 if you have questions.

Thank you for working with us as we navigate these challenging times together. We’re excited to be ramping back up and, as always, if we can help you buy before you sell please apply today.

Tim Heyl
Founder & CEO

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