Buy before you sell, with no upfront costs

You won't pay until you close and you may be able to negotiate a discount using your Homeward all-cash offer. Our customers, on average, save over 2% off list price.


Convenience fee

Homeward charges a 1.9% Convenience Fee at closing that can be included in the home’s purchase price so you don't have to pay it out of pocket. This fee gives you access to our funds to make a competitive, all-cash offer with these benefits:

  • Cash offers typically command 2-5% discounts.
  • Cash offers are twice as likely to win bids compared to mortgage-contingent offers.
  • Cash offers close in 10 days versus 30-45 days for a mortgage contingent offer.

Rental rate

Pro-rated by day

After we purchase your new home, you rent it back from us until you sell your old home.

  • You don't have to pay rent while you’re paying your old home's mortgage - you can choose to pay your Homeward rent at closing.
  • Only make rental payments for the exact days you need.
  • You can sell your old home quickly to minimize rental payments or take your time to maximize your old home's sale price.
  • Our rental rates are strictly a pass through of the costs that Homeward incurs to own the home. We do not mark it up and you’ll know the exact rate before you make an offer.

Give us a call at 512-956-5087 to learn more about rental payments.

No duplicate costs

You'll pay standard closing costs just as you would in any traditional home purchase and we’ll cover any duplicate fees that occur when you repurchase the house from us.

Pricing FAQ

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